Basic Needs & Homeless Services

Mission of Love Charities, Inc. (MOLC) helps individuals and families stretch their limited incomes by providing donated furniture, clothing and household amenities. During intake, MOLC assesses client needs and makes necessary referrals to resources in the community.

Each year, MOLC also seeks donations of school supplies and backpacks, which are given to youth in need during the annual Back-to-School Community Event.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, MOLC solicits food and toys to make the holidays special for those in need.

Utility, Rental and Security Deposit Assistance

MOLC offers utility, rental and security deposits assistance to homeless and low income individuals and families. Under this program MOLC offers crisis assistance to prevent eviction and homelessness. Each case is reviewed and help is assessed based on need and the severity of the case.  MOLC also works very closely with the Department of Social Services helping individuals complete applications for their Energy Assistance Program.  

Food Pantry

MOLC opened its new food pantry on July 5, 2017 and hopes to serve at least 1,200 individuals and families in need. MOLC's pantry is open six days a week and provides free food for homeless and low income individuals below 150% of the federal poverty guideline. 

Urban Garden Initiative

Our urban garden initiative takes an active role in combating significant health problems facing Capitol Heights and the surrounding communities. MOLC seeks to create an urban garden at its warehouse to educate individuals on how to grow fruits and vegetables as well as provide education sessions on healthy and nutritious meals. 


Workforce Development/Employability Skills

Our Workforce Development/Employability Skills is a two week program that recruits, enrolls and provides education/training to at least 30 unemployed and/or hard to place individuals per session. Each two-week session provides 22 hours of training three days a week. Training aims to prepare participants to get back into the workforce and excel in the jobs they will get. This training helps participants understand personal growth, ethic conduct and retaining a job while understanding the demands and changes in the workforce environment.