Mission of Love Charities, Inc. (MOLC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) human services organization whose mission is to empower, educate, and advocate for low-income individuals and families in order to diminish poverty in our community.

Statement from the CEO

While the mission of Mission of Love Charities, as our name implies, is based on Love, we must also have in place good business practices and a strategic plan for current and future operations.

We are doing great work.  But we need to find ways to do more and better work for the growing number of homeless and low-income individuals and families who depend on us in their time of dire and often desperate need. We cannot just maintain the status quo.  Either we move forward or we are going to move backward.

Therefore, I intend to create and lead initiatives that first of all put in place a long-range strategic plan that takes advantage of opportunities to expand and attract involvement and support in the communities we serve.  We do good work every day, and I am certain there are individuals, foundations and corporations who would love to collaborate with us and support the work we are doing.

We will also explore opportunities to scale up and upgrade our operations, if for no other reason than the demand for our services is great and increasing every day.  We can possibly expand our current operations, but we can also explore possibilities in the areas of job training and health care.

Mission of Love Charities can continue to succeed, grow and have a very positive impact on our community only if we have the support of our stakeholders as well as new partners and sponsors.  You can be assured that I will be working every day to make the most of all of these opportunities.

Of course, if you have suggestions for improvements, if you can open a door to a new donor or sponsor, or if you simply want to volunteer at our facility, please contact me. 

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helps and provides support to Mission of Love Charities.

Best wishes, 

Deb Martinez