Remedial English and Math Class to Begin Soon

(Designed for ages 15+)

June 22, 2022

Anyone in need of sharpening their English and Math skills will want to sign up for this class. Class begins on Monday, June 27th at 9:00 a.m. – 12 noon and runs through Thursday, June 30th. This four-day course will offer the participant a refresher on basic English and math Skills. This class is taught by Youth Leadership Skills, an organization that designs and executes work readiness programs for youth ages 15+.

Who Needs Remedial English?

Anyone of any age who has been out of the workforce for a significant period of time will benefit from this four-day class. Teens who are 15+ and in need of brushing up on basic English and math will also benefit from this course. This class includes a review of resume writing and interview skills, both essential for finding employment. Other SMART skills, necessary for continuous employment, are taught in this course.

Remedial English and Math Class to Begin Soon

How Does Remedial Math Help in Gaining a Job?

Math skills are essential to many jobs, including any employment where a cash register is needed. Other jobs, where building or repair work is necessary, will find these skills essential.

Thanks to smart phones and computers, math functions are automated and many have become used to this convenience. But what happens when technology goes down or fails altogether? The person operating the cash register, or repairing an item, must be able to add, subtract, multiply or divide a sum manually. The answer must be accurate. Remedial math class aids the student by offering lessons on these basic math functions.

What Purpose Does Remedial English and Math Serve?

The current job market is flooded with opportunities at the entry level – especially in service industries. Competition for jobs is still fierce. To gain employment, one must be ready and able to perform the work at hand. Lacking in basic English and math skills, the job seeker will not be as competitive as the person who has these skills. A person who appears to have difficulty in basic English or math will be passed over for a job in favor of an individual who has these skills.

Sign up for this course. Call today: 301-333-4440 to register for this necessary class or visit this link: