The Creation of a Sponsors Council

By Deborah Martinez

March 5, 2021

The mission of Mission of Love Charities has always been to serve homeless and low-income families and individuals in the community.

Mission of Love Charities programs and services provide basic needs assistance in the form of food, financial assistance for rent and other housing costs, clothing, furniture, showers, laundry, computer access. Mission of Love Charities is also planning on re-instituting its Workforce Development program.

Everyone served shows proof that they are at or below 150% of federal poverty guidelines. These are poor needy people.

We are now reaching out to our friends and colleagues in the community to organize a formal support group that we will call a Sponsors Council. Corporations, foundations and individuals who choose to join the Council will make a commitment to support Mission of Love Charities through a financial donation and other actions that help sustain the work of Mission of Love Charities.

Since its inception, The Mission has successfully supported about 400,000 individuals and families and we want to support more. However, over the last several months, the destructive effects of the pandemic have created a dramatic increase in the number of individuals and families who come to Mission of Love Charities in desperate need of help.

How You Can Help
In order to sustain our work and help these people who are in dire need, we are reaching out to the community to ask our supporters and stakeholders to partner with us by joining a Sponsors Council. We know these current and prospective partners share our values and commitment to our community and to the people in need in our community.

What the Mission is Doing

  • Food Pantry
  • Operating the only five-days-a-week Food Pantry in Prince George’s County remains a priority for Mission of Love Charities. The number of individuals and families who are going hungry because of lack of money to buy food had increased dramatically, and Mission of Love Charities is committed to serving them as best we can. Stocking and operating the Food Pantry continues to be a major expense, but it is an essential service that Mission of Love Charities is committed to operate.

  • Financial Assistance for rent, utilities and other housing costs
  • While our capability to help people with housing insecurity, i.e., rent and utility payments, is limited due to pandemic restrictions, we are still able to help some families and individuals, when funds are available. We could help many more families with more support.

  • Basic, Essential Support Services for People in Need
  • Despite limitations mandated by the coronavirus pandemic, Mission of Love Charities is able to provide people with basic support services such as showers, access to laundry machines, free clothing and free furniture, access to computers and a designated place to receive personal mail.

  • Referrals for primary care, dental care and mental health
  • Mission of Love Charities continues to seek out and explore possible collaborations with health care providers so that we can have a more seamless and reliable support system for the people we serve.

  • After-School and Weekend Supplementary Education Programs
  • Mission of Love Charities is seeking partnerships and funding to create after-school and weekend supplementary education programs for school-aged children. The remote learning process being utilized by school systems is not working well for those children whose economic circumstances prevent them from having access to those programs. Supplementary education programs are needed to ensure that these children are not left behind.

  • Workforce Development
  • In addition to providing food and housing assistance, Mission of Love Charities sees the long-term solution to helping these needy people get them back on their feet and become economically self-sufficient is workforce development, education and skills training. Mission of Love Charities has years of experience in this task, and although this initiative is currently curtailed due to the pandemic restrictions, the organization is planning a new, enhanced workforce development program in a new facility beginning in 2021. Currently, Mission of Love Charities is in talks with professional associations and local educational institutions to develop, implement and manage training and certification programs for people seeking employment. While basic employability skills are a priority for this program, additional certification programs will be established to train water treatment technicians, terrazzo craftspeople and Nursing Assistants.

The Creation of a Sponsors Council to Support These Essential Operations
In order to sustain these operations and continue to meet the increased demand for services as best we can, the Mission of Love Charities is creating a formal Sponsors Council, which will comprise committed friends and stakeholders who will support the Mission through annual donations and other advocacy and advisory roles,

While it is expected that the Mission of Love Charities Sponsors Council would meet annually, virtually for now and hopefully in person in the future, members of the Council will be involved in Mission of Love Charities by making an annual financial donation and by offering advisory and advocacy support on an ongoing basis.

Giving levels in the Sponsors Council will be as follows:
Corporate Member – $10,000
Industry Member – $15,000
Founding Member – $20,000

Members of the Council will be recognized with annual certificates that document their commitment and support to one of the leading organizations in the Prince George’s County that serves the most needy people in our community.

Council Members will be joining the ranks of others who are providing significant support to Mission of Love Charities. Among those agencies, foundations and corporations that are already supporting Mission of Love Charities are: Prince George’s County Government, the State of Maryland, the University of Maryland Capital Region Health System, Sam Brin, Philip Graham Fund, Greater Washington Community Foundation, Big Lots Foundation, TJX Foundation, Albertsons Foundation, Easterns Automotive and Urban Investment Partners.

The fact is that Mission of Love Charities continues to sustain a growth in revenue through an aggressive and successful fundraising effort, and these supporters are evidence of the results of that effort.

Please join us
We would hope you would join us in our mission of serving the most needy people of our community. Please join us by becoming a member of the Sponsors Council.

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